The Best way To have Family Insurance

The Family Healthy Insurance is the type of insurance which deal with safety of the all family in which it includes, dependent children, spause and dependent parents. These Family insurance cover the protection of the all  members of the family while ensuring protection. 💥 NAFASI …

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Guidance in selecting Good insurance company

Insurance can be explained as protection from financial looses. Insurance is commonly used for protection against risk or losses, others defines insurance as contract that is presented by policy where individual receive protection against losses by insurance company. The company that provides insurance is known …

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Tamisemi list of Officials Who have Aquired Work places transfer Permit- January 2022

TAMISEMI – President Regional Office have officially announced names of Workers that have finally got transfer from their former work places to new work Areas. President Office secretary have finally approved the transfer of 1,544 Staff who applied to change work places in local government authorities. …

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Call for interview at immigration uhamiaji

Immigration Department announces names for  who sent requests for employment opportunity to immigration through the Office of Commissioner General for Immigration, arrive onAuditorium in the auditorium at the University of Dodoma(UDOM) on Sunday of February 06th, 2022 at 2:00 full morning. For those who have …

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