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9 people are estimated Dead in Water accident Zanzibar

Nine people have died and 6 others have been rescued alive after a boat sank in the sea on Pemba Island while the men were traveling from Chakechake to Panza Island for a funeral.

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The rescue operation was suspended overnight and will resume on January 5, 2022 in the morning.

A witness in the incident claimed that divers saw more than 12 dead bodies but could not recover from the darkness. He added that the boat was carrying empty men after the women ran out of space due to the vessel being overcrowded. – South Pemba Regional Police Commander Richard Mchomvu confirmed the accident.

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The first boat carrying the body of the deceased crossed safely but the other, which had relatives of the deceased and about 30 other mourners, had difficulty at sea and sank.

So far the survivors are all six men and there are 9 dead bodies, all of them adult males. The rescue operation will continue tomorrow morning at 12 noon. There are still people in the water. –

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