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Apple Growing Jobs In South Africa

Growing and Construction of Apple plantation is a big and tough businesses in south Africa that have contributed to many youth Jobs hence creating more employment opportunity among youth in South Africa and Other African countries.

The growing of Apple in South Africa has boosted on its economy hence correcting high revenue. There have been lack of workers on Apple farms both skilled and non skilled hence making them to hire workers from near by countries especially those in Africa.

Apples growing in South Africa


South Africa is respected to produce more than Millions of turn every year and selling allover the world specifically from regions such as Groenland, Ceres, Villersdorp, Langkoof  and all Western cape province.

The South Africa Government has announced more than thousands Jobs to work in Apple plantation, paying high to workers and providing all basic needs to workers such as House, Food and shelter. This is a very golden chance that many African youth without jobs in Africa can benefit.

Apple plantation areas in South Africa

More than hundred countries including Tanzania have been granted this chance to apply and send their applications through link that is provided bellow,




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