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ASAP Of Rihanna has found him self in Hands of police

Security officers in the case of rapa a et AP Rocky have reported the availability of a video clip showing the rapper’s attack last November and causing injuries to one of the people present in the area.

Los angeles Police have said that despite the video’s accessible, there is still controversy over a gun that seemed to be out of harmony with several guns found at the rapper’s home after a survey conducted earlier last week.

The police said that the guns found in Rocky’s home were not those used to shoot because the size of the guns was not the size of the guns found on the scene.


Despite the disclosure, Police have made it clear that after detailed investigations have found that all guns found in the home of AI AP Rocky were legally available so in turn doubt about the ownership of the weapons has left with more attention being directed to the search for a rifle used in the attack.

Asap Rocky, whose real name and Rakim Mayers allegedly went to his home on the street on the night of November 6, 2021, before he was allegedly shot by the rapper.

According to the Calfornia criminal penal code on the case facing Rocky, if found guilty, the rapper may be imprisoned for less than a year with a fine of up to$1,000 that is over 2.3 million in Tanzania