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BMW launched Colour changing Car

The BMW company has launched and showed the world’s first color-changing BMW IX flow SUV car, using a technology called E Ink or ‘ink electronic’.

This is a vehicle that will make the owner to change the color outside of the vehicle as they wants whenever he needs by clicking on a specific button to change the color and without taking time, the color of the vehicle will change instantly.

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BMW IX Flow SUV is an electric vehicle designed for another specialized system that can show the owner that it is exhausted or full of charges on a proper standard.

Launched BMW car


Despite the prestige of owning the vehicle, according to Stella Clarke, a member of the Supervisory Board of BMW AG, says that even if it happens you have parked the vehicle in an automobile with a single color that you cannot easily identify your vehicle,
Then using the remote button on the vehicle’s special remote you will be able to see your vehicle by ordering it to change color so that you can easily identify it.

“If you can choose the clothes you wear. You choose how to live on social media. So now you can choose the color of your car, ” said Stella Clarke, a member of the Supervisory Board of BMW, in a statement.

The report from BMW is that the car, the company has not yet been ready to introduce it to the market for sale and is currently in the experiment as there are a number of things that are being improved further

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