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chelsea impossible victory, sports news

LONDON ENGLAND. Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is outraged by the 1-1 draw with Brighton last night, and has erased their dreams in the race for the Premier League title this season.

Tuchel was furious after the match ended stressing Chelsea’s chances of winning the title this season are very slim and they will have a long way to go before chasing Manchester City with 50 points, in the standings after beating Brentford.

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After Chelsea dropped two points against Brighton, Tuchel has made it clear that his team has a host of injured players who are dependable, including Reece James, who was injured in the first half of the match.

Speaking after the match, Tuchel said they had not received any information about James’ condition. “I think he has injured his thigh muscles. Towards the Liverpool match it will be very difficult, now we have a job to find another player to fill the gap, everyone is injured, some are coming back after suffering a corona, we have a few players, it is absurd to assume that we are still in the race for the title.”Every team has its key players and if they are fit it would be absurd to think so,” said Tuchel.


After striker Danny Welbeck scored the only goal of the game to give Brighton a 1-1 draw, Tuchel said everything was not going well for them as the referee denied them a penalty when they were leading 1-0.

Chelsea came to their senses after Romelu Lukaku came back and scored in the English Premier League, as Chelsea beat Norwich City 3-1.

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