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Dr Tulia Akson Took over spiker position in front of President

Tanzania is a member of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. Dr Tulia Ackson today January 10, 2022 has spoken before the president and government officials for the role of a parliamentary Axis leader.

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Dr.Tulia  Speaking in an oath to the ministers and deputies elect minister held today the Palace in Dodoma and described the main task of the Parliamentary axis that is to help the President manage laws and constitutions that will help run the government’s activities and not oppose the President.

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“The president is the head of State, now there are people who take that part which has said the president is the head of government, but the president has all things the head of State, is the head of government and is the Commander In Chief of this country. I believe in this definition people will understand that President Samia’s uncompromising  is not just the head of government but the head of state so he her leadership is not the same as any of the axis leader in the country.” She said.

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In Addition, Dr.Tulia   has urged the Presidential elect leaders to work with Justice and with the intention of helping the leader of the country especially when in Parliament and speaking well of the president Phase 6.


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