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European league experiences clever break , football news

DURING the first week of January 2022 we saw five major European leagues continue the tradition of a clever break between December and January.

It is common for major European leagues including La Liga, Bundesliga, Series A and Ligue 1 to have a clever winter break during December and January. For the first time the culture has landed in the Scottish Premier League doing so by starting a break this week until the end of this month.

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The previous four leagues have had the same tradition for a long time to offer this break during the winter December to January during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

While these major leagues are doing so in the English Premier League (EPL) they have no rest for the winter solstice. We have witnessed in the EPL several games played on Boxing Day and New Year.

You are told that a clever break that the EPL does not have will benefit footballers who play in the four major European leagues as it gives them the opportunity to maintain strength for the second round of the league.

It also gives them a chance to reunite with their families during the Christmas and New Year holidays, thus giving them the motivation they ultimately commit to supporting the success of those clubs.

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Manchester City boss Pep Gurdiola remembers the break with Buyern Munich saying the 30 days of Bundesliga rest gave the players new strength. The start of the break for the first time in the Scottish Premier League has been warmly received by participating clubs.

Former Liverpool and Leicester City coach Brendan Rodgers, who now coaches Celtic in Scotland, has been quoted as saying that the decision strengthens his team and welcomes them with open arms. GREAT REST The Bundesliga was the leader in the 30-day hiatus.

The final games were played on December 19, 2021 and will continue tomorrow – Friday, January 7, 2022. While in Spain the last December matches ended on December 22 and resumed after the new year.

France where there is Ligue 1 final matches ended on December 22 and will continue tomorrow January 7 and for Italy (Serie A) they ended their matches on December 22 and today they will continue. It is not uncommon for these clever breaks to provoke controversy, especially when England’s EPL teams compete in the Champions League and Europa League.

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