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Fire Outbreak in Karume Market / Soko lawaka Moto

Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC) Amos Makalla urged Karume market traders to be quiet while promising to be created a committee that will investigate the source of the fire.

He said that on Sunday, January 16, 2022, he visited the area and inspected the effects of the fire.

The Karume market was burned tonight while the source of the fire was unknown.

Karume Market burned

It has been said that the fire that burned most of the market with more than 3,500 traders started tonight as the fire and Rescue Force worked hard to extinguish it but burned the market much.

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While in the area Makalla said “I am sorry all the merchants for the fire accident we do not know the source because it is described a lot, some say it is caused by people cooking beans at night to arrive in the morning ripe. I ask you to be calm during this time that we are forming a committee that will investigate the source,” he said

Karume market

“We will create a committee headed by the head of the District of Ilala to investigate for 14 days and then we will receive answers and know what to do and when all of the investigations no businessman will be allowed to continue trading in this area we will look at other procedures,”he said

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