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Guided, Important Interview Questions and Answers

For those who are soon doing job interviews at various institutions and companies, make sure you have  understanding of these Questions, here’s what gives you the most percentage of getting a job.

10 Most classic questions asked during oral interview


1. Tell me about yourself?

Here we don’t want to know where and when you are born, what you have read and about your life, here employers want to know the qualifications you have in relation to the position you are applying for,  here stick to Skills, Experience, Achievements, Performance and explain why you think you will make a difference.

2. Why do you want to work for us?

Here they don’t want to know about the quality of their company/institution as they know it, here they want you to show how you think the profession, and the qualifications you described in the one above will help their company, but also show why you think what you bring will benefit you too

3. What are your strengths and weakness?

This is the opposite question, in strengths talk about how much you have done and made a difference  where you come from, and weakness explain perhaps why you made difficult personal decisions that many did not understand until positive results and learned. Don’t describe weaknesses that are negative.

4. Give an example of where you were able to use leadership skills?

Here they want to hear why and where you can take difficult decisions in an unfriendly environment to lead people who even if you were not a leader were holding others by the hand. Talk of not being a boss but a leader, describing several instances of leaders

Example: I helped change the payment system that gives the company losses and we saved…., Or I led my colleagues to work on time, saving time ja to avoid unnecessary overtimes for the company, I participated in drawing up a work plan highly commended by my leader about

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years of employment is mid term plan, here you must show them how you can influence the leaders of the same institution in order to be on key decision makers within that time, here explain what you will do in terms of strategies if you support your relevant job skills to show management trust you with greater responsibilities, here do not show that you want you to develop experience and run away from them.

 When you are smart there is time can be adjusted roleplay right there on the interview for a given greater space.

6. What is your greatest achievement?

Here they want to hear only those that are compatible with the work you are applying therefore, be very careful to explain what you once did and don’t just stop there explain that with these I have checked the structure/work I am applying for will be generating direct impact without wasting time

7. Why should we hire you?

Here explain the things related to the work you are going to do, show where you think there will be a practical gap and how you can plug that gap? Do not boast that you are better or so here they want to see if you know their institution at least kdg, so in this read a lot about that institution before you go to the interview.

8. Are you a good team player?

Here they know the answer is Yes, oh they want to hear how it is Yes, explain your skills and if there is evidence in the past use We instead of I, that is, explain what you did and for niji you think even if you find a broken team it will help connect it through your communication skills, coaching, listening more, bealiver of open door policy, collective efforts etc.

9. What are your salary expectations?

Trap question, here you must first show you know their salary, let you also know the market salary for the job you are applying for and then do not go too far or below their salary, it all has consequences, if you have a good reputation they become flexible for negotiation.

In this do your best to say why you think the salary is not the biggest criterion for you to work with but also show your responsibilities why they should be paid well, saying figure then put figure that will force you to hire you and not leave you, that is, be on the one where you will stay blaming yourself tomorrow.*

Let it also depend on the function there are functions treasure negotiations*

10. Do you have any questions?

Do not go without a question, and let the questions be fundamental here prepare to get to know the company and then be asking questions concerning the institutio

Example; I’ve seen your performance last year…. This is less than the market that had an average of…. Are there any plans to protect or do better? What are long term planning institutions and where do you think I can help as part of my preparation to be with you? And these questions show that you understand what you are doing and are not going there to waste time and get paid a salary.


The list above and response are not exhaustive you can add or subtract anything, except if you follow up even these machahe will help you any day in the future. 


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