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Job Ndugai Resignation what is Next

Dar es Salaam. The Parliamentary Secretary, Nenelwa Mwihambi has said that the election process to fill the vacancy of the Speaker is underway while announcing the adjournment of the sessions of the Parliamentary Committees which are scheduled to begin next week.

According to the announcement of the parliamentary secretary issued today Friday January 7, 2022 to MPs, he said no activities will continue for the period when the position of Speaker is vacant so he has instructed all MPs to arrive in Dodoma January 31, 2022 for the start of the Sixth Session of Parliament which will begin in February Mosi.

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On Thursday, January 6, 2022, the former Speaker of Parliament, Job Ndugai, resigned.

In his public statement, Ndugai said “I would like to inform the Tanzanian public that today 06 January 2022 I have written a letter to the General Secretary of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) resigning the position of Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania and my copy of I have submitted my resignation to the House of Representatives, ”said a statement from Ndugai, a Kongwa MP Shortly after Ndugai’s statement, the General Secretary of the Revolutionary Party (CCM), Daniel Chongolo confirmed receiving Ndugai’s letter informing him of his resignation, noting that the party was in the process of finding another Speaker.

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