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November 4, 2022

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SHDEPHA+ is hiring looking for various candidates Interested to apply for the position available at this organization. The interested candidates to work with SHDEPHA on position that have been mentioned in pDF file should follow instructions to apply for the position.

The organization is an acronym for care, health, and development for people living with hiv/aids, which is a non-governmental Organization, registered on 21 november 1994 with the registration number so 8216.

SHDEPHA + originated from programs for fifteen people living with hiv/aids whose goal was to build a network and mobilize resources to help people living with hiv/aids and fight the spread of the disease, although initially targeting people living with hiv/aids, over the years shdepha+ has expanded to be more than 65 branches nationwide and now covers people infected and affected by hiv/aids.

Every branch of shrepha+ works independently, developing, managing and implementing its own projects although all branches share a single constitution and registration.

SHDEPHA kahama branch, based in kahama district, is among 65 branches, launched in 1999 and began independent operations in 2002.

since then, the SHDEPHA+ kahama branch has been working with international and national donors, local and central governments, and other stakeholders to work for the united nations development goals.

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All candidates interested should download the PDF file below

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Not More than 9th November 2022

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