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3New Jobs at Jesuit Refugees Service (JRS)

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POST: Reconciliation Coordinator

Jesuit Refugees Service JRS are looking for reconciliation Coodinator to manage, coodinating and managing the pychological and reconciliation program of JSR in Kasulu.

Will also be working by recorgnition of the vulnerable population, supporting groups, individual support and refugees adviser

Also will be conducting awareness compains and organizing sports activities for young people and putting high focusing on building capacity of employees, refugees and hosting

POST: psychosocial Coodinator

The sychosocial Coodinator will be responsible for overall leadership managment and Administration of pychosocial programs for special attention to needs special program

Will also be responsible for managment, coordination and administer of psychosocial programs in kibondo project including recognition of vulnerable population, support groups

POST: Education Coordinator

The Education Coodinator will be responsible for implemenatation of JRS educatuon services provided to refugees

Here Jesuit Refugees Service is responsible for all pre primary Education, learning time, Teacher training and language courses


  • Good Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work in team
  • Ability to study Innovative intavation


No more qualifications mentioned on there jobs, there fore sellection will be as result of CV smartness, Share your CV through email below

[email protected]

Not more than 10th June 2022

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