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September 28, 2022

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The Gorvenment has announced the opening of Samia Scholarship Application window for 640 students who received high performance on form 6 exams of 2022, where students from Zanzibar will also benefits equally

The announcement was made on September 27, 2022 in Dodoma By The Minister of Education, Science and Technology Prof.Adolf Mkenda,where he said that the application will begin to be submitted tomorrow via the internet for 14 days via the website of the Higher Education Credit Board.

Prof.Mkenda said the scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship for students who received high performance in Form Six exams in 2022 conducted by the Tanzania Examination Council (NECTA) in Science specifications (PCB, PCM, PGM, CBG, CBA, PMC and CBN).

”The SAMIA SCHOLARSHIP will cover one hundred percent (100%) university scholarships for those students who have received admission to the fields of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and medicine, ” he said.

Minister Mkenda has defined the funding qualifications for sixth-grade graduates with valid citizenship qualifications, high performance on the National sixth-grade exams in 2022 conducted by NECTA in science specifications including obtaining admission to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or medicine programs at a state-recognized University in the country.

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“These qualifications must be that are mentioned in the first group (Cluster 1) in the lending Manual of the Higher Education Student Credit Board for the year 2022/2023 available through www.heslb.go, tz where the student must have applied for funding correctly in a directed manner””.

Mkenda has named the funding areas as complying with the standards and guidelines of the Higher Education Credit Board to cover training fees,food and accommodation allowances,book and written allowances, special requirements for faculties and practical training.

Other areas are auxiliary materials research for students with special needs and health insurance where the funding period for those who will be funded, will be covered between three (03) and five (05) years depending on the respective programs enrolled.

Mkenda also mentioned the terms of the scholarship that a student receiving a SAMIA SCHOLARSHIP funding will be responsible for studying, understanding and signing an academic funding agreement between him and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and having a bank account for the funds to be paid directly.

“The beneficiary shall not be allowed to change the scholarship program provided to him without a written consent letter from the Ministry of Education, Science and technology,the beneficiary shall not be allowed to postpone the scholarship, except for health reasons, and certified by the relevant college, if the beneficiary cancels the scholarship opportunity before starting the scholarship, he shall be required to submit a written statement to the Secretary General, Ministry of Education, Science and technology, the state town

Prof.MKENDA said that the 640 SAMIA SCHOLARSHIP beneficiaries analysis has taken into account the proportion of 244 girls and 38% and boys is 396 equivalent to 62% and that students from state schools are 396 equivalent to 62% while students from private schools are 244 equivalent to 38%.

He said that students with the highest achievement rate of three (3) points is 60 (9%)students from Tanzanian schools on the islands is 43 (7%)students from Tanzanian schools on the mainland 597 (93%)in addition a total of 11 students with special needs will benefit from The Samia Scholarship.

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“These are 100% of special needs students who earned first class in Samia scholarship-oriented tahsusa in 2022/23schools that have the highest number of Samia Scholarship beneficiaries that are Tabora boys students 79 (12%)St. Petersburg.Mary’s Mazinde top 51 students (8%) Mzumbe Secondary Students 46 (7%) Tabora Girls 39 (6%) Kisimili students 31 (5%)” ” he said

In turn, the Deputy Minister of Education and training of Amali Zanzibar.Ali Abdugulam Hussein said the funding would add springboard for many students to study Science,Technology, Engineering,Mathematics and medicine.


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