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Quality Assurance Specialist – Swahili Speaker

Full Time

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Quality Assurance Specialist  is responsible  for all types of training  and quality assurance  within  the company  as well as participating in process improving  support  continues  improvements in the organization


  1. Improving and maintaining customer service quality by conducting quality assurance inspections, analyzing results, providing coaching, process improvement.
  2. Increase employee skills, performance, productivity, and work quality
  3. Track all inbound channels and outbound client communication based on QA template
  4. Verify customer service results by testing skills in product knowledge, service ability.
  5. Give feedback and teach to help every day/weekly/monthly
  6. Use all available reports to collect and monitor performance in departments, teams.
  7. Engage in calibration and ensure minimum variance from team level
  8. Performing other tasks assigned to him by the management.
  9. Perform any other ad-hoc assigned tasks with the Line manager when required.


  1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  2. Excellent command of the English language, with high writing skills
  3. Excellent Swahili communication skills smooth in
  4. English or other relevant languages.
  5. Experience in forex or financial services will be an added advantage.
  6. Previous experience in training delivery and quality assurance is recommended.
  7. Research, planning, preparation, time management, and a high level of administrative skills
  8. Problem solving skills and the ability to quickly adapt to change
  9. Very motivated and able to work under pressure
  10. Creative thinking skills and ability to handle issues proactively