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November 2, 2022

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Lateral labs is hiring welcoming Various Candidates Interested to apply for the position available of CopyWritter. The interested candidates to work with lateral labs on position Mentioned of CopyWriter should follow instructions to apply for the position

POSITION: Copywriter

Lateral labs is Digi agency in Dar es salaam Tanzania working since 2017

The company worked for more than hundred customers over four years on various projects in web development, social media managment


We are now looking for a young, independent, and deeply-oriented text writer for our Pay-As-You-Go website service, branding link. This person trick the best site content for a wide range of customers.


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  1. Love to read and write – you love to read a good book and write well.
    Contacts-you regularly use phone, email and some online tools to work remotely,
  2. Able to get things done without supervision,
  3. Time management-you are able to recommend and manage your own schedule,
  4. Creativity-you can see writing as an art and seek to write cleanly and accurately


Please share three pages you have written before and one page of your Carriculum Vitae, submit to email below

[email protected]
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Not More than 10th November 2022

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