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November 21, 2022

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Job Description

ICAP  is hiring  welcoming various candidates interested to apply for the position available. The interested  candidates  to work as driver should  follow  instructions to apply for the position.


The driver is responsible for driving the program staff and visitors with high security and security and follow ICAP sops and policies and rules. The driver will als ensure that the vehicle is clean, serviced, and fueled without gaps.


  1. Driving vehicles in ICAP program as directed to provide safe and efficient transportation.
  2.  Providing parcels, mail and other necessary items to offices and businesses
  3. Drive long distances with or without ICAP staff when needed and adhere to theroad
    Rules and regulations and ICAP policies.
  4.  Make sure that the car is always clean and in good order with all documents(for example.,
    insurance and road license) is up to date.
  5.  Perform routine vehicle inspection and maintenance including checking oil, oil, brakes,
    lamps, windshield wipers, water and tire pressure.
  6. Keep a record of the maintenance of vehicles in order to ensure that the service schedule is observed
    for and reminders supervisor and team ship early when vehicleservice is due.
  7.  Provide general assistance to the employees of the organization and its visitors.
  8.  Maintaining a record of the work performed by the fuel consumption report, filling out all mandatory items,
    report and submit time on reports of accidents, incidents and unusual incidents.
  9.  Ensuring necessary measures are taken as required by law and regulation in case of
    participate in accidents.
  10.  Compliance with all Membership Terms and conditions.
  11. Doing other jobs as can be assigned by supervisor

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  1. Secondary education education
  2. Valid driving licence class B/D
  3. Certificate from NIT is added advantage
  4. Five years of working experience within large  organisation
  5. Able to drive 4WD manual  vehicles in all cities
  6. Able to make minor vehicles repair

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All candidates interested should submit their application  online, ht apply here to start APPLICATION process

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Not more than 25th November 2022

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