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September 13, 2022

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Job Description

Website PASS


Pass leasing is hiring welcoming various candidates interested to apply for the position avilable of lease intern. The interested candidates on this position should follow intstruction to apply for the position.

POSITION: Lease intern


  •  Handling hiring activities at the branch level including inspection and or evaluation of the business
  • source, market, finish account rental
  •  Analyzing plus evaluating package plus reviewing leasing applications
  •  Creating hiring proposals and submit to hiring officer for further review.
  • Implementing, approving accounting rental documents
  • Ensuring all required documents coordinates with other units of the company.
  • Making sure all legal documents are properly conducted and stored properly.
  •  Making sure repossession and recovery processes are done as per regulations.
  • Doing any other job as can be assigned by Supervisor.

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  • Good academic background
  • Degree in Agriculture, Agriculture economics, Crop production, Budiness administration or related


All candidates interested should attach the following

  • Your cover letter

  • Your Curriculum Vitae

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Not More than 18th Sept 2022

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