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November 18, 2022

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Geita gold mining Limited is leading Gold producer Company in Tanzania bwith the single operation in the Geita Gold area and subsidiary of Anglogold Ashanti who are the subsidiary gold producer in South Africa working more than 10 countries in four continents

Geita Gold Mine Limited is hiring welcoming Various Candidates Interested to apply for the position available of Graduate Mining Engineer. The interested candidates to this position available at Geita Gold Mine Limited should follow instructions to apply for the position

POSITION: Graduate Mining Engineer


  1. BSc In Mining Engineering.
  2. At least 1-2 years relevant experience in the mining pit industry preferably open.
  3. At least 1 year in training in other parts of the mine i.e geology, research, long-term planning, production, Drill and explosion etc
    Mastery of the MS Office program.
  4. Exposure in mining software such as Vulcan, Datamine, / OSS/ EPS

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  1. Working in the mine planning department to develop a short-term plan and monitoring plan.
  2. Identify and interpret security risks and resolve emerging issues; and ensure that accurate target and resources are available to achieve security goals.
  3. Develop OP structures (ramps/ dumps/ access roads/ pit structures).
  4. Follow-up program monitoring.
    Develop a bench Operation Plan (BOP’s).
  5. Prepare production reports Daily and weekly.
  6. Make your best efforts and the full potential of the work assigned to you by your manager.
  7. Consultant your manager if you do not understand the job, they have it for you, or if the job does not fit with your environmental knowledge, current skills or available time and resources.
  8. Advise your manager of any situation or situation that may create obstacles, or opportunities for, the work of a management team or company.
  9. Demonstrate work behavior consistent with company values and work within established limits, including required behaviors, company policies, standards, procedures, and legislative requirements.
  10. Provide timely information to your manager when accountability cannot be met within limits or may be met with less time or resources than planned.


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All candidates interested should submit their application online,hit Apply here to start Application process

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Not more than 18th November 2022

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