National Consultant Jobs in Tanzania at UNICEF

November 19, 2022

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Job Description

Website UNICEF


UNICEF  is hiring  looking  for Rapid Pro/DHIS2 National consultant  to work in Dar es salaam for 84 Days. The interested  candidates  to work with UNICEF  on position mentioned  of Rapid Pro/DHIS2 National consultant. The interested  candidates  to work with UNICEF  on POSITION mentioned  should follow instructions to APPLY for the POSITION

POSITION: Rapid Pro/DHIS2 National consultant 

This candidate  will work under the guidance  of Health  professionals on health information systems,  Digital health plus  knowledge management. The Consultant  will be required  to work near government  counterparts  in developing  partners.

The selected  candidates  will be needed to update the development  conditions  for the UNICEF team members orally or written


  1. The applicant should submit a technical and financial proposal that clearly states how the work will be done.
  2. The financial proposal should include all costs of this work including fees, travel expenses, accommodation as UNICEF will not pay any DSA.
  3. Recommendations will be both technically and financially evaluated.
  4. The technical part weighing 75%, in which the consultant laid out his technical methods to ensure the quality of achieving each deliverable and consulting as a whole.
  5. Part of the money will be loaded 25% reflecting the proposed budget breakdown of consulting costs for each deliverable (fees, trips and accommodation) and ultimately the total cost of consulting.
  6. The technical proposal will evaluate the consultant will be required to submit evidence of medical/health insurance and medical evacuation coverage.

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  1. Degree in computer science,  information  Technology,  Business administration,  mathematics,  Engineering  or related  masters  is added advantage
  2. Experience  in IT or database  administration  is plus
  3. Experience  in multiple  Os platforms  with focus on CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, mac and Windows systems
  4. Experience  working  in Research/projects  environment  that relies on open source Solutions
  5. Knowledge  of using Rapid SMS, Rapid Pro and DHIS2
  6. Experience  of using open source  SRP platform
  7. Experience working with MNO and aggregators
  8. Experience  in setting up  managing and integration with MNOs
  9. Experience  in software  design , Docu, testing  and Maintenance
  10. Data management  and programming skills

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All candidates  interested  should  submit their application online,  hit apply here to start application process 

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Not more than 23th November 2022

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