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New Hotel Job in Tanzania at Four Seasons Hotel, Job posting sites

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Four Seasons Hotel are hiring welcoming Various Candidates interested to work in hospitality industry, they are Welcoming for all Candidates Interested. Therefore if you are interested please submit your application as you will be instructed

POSITION: Learning and Development Manager 

Duties and responsibilities

  • Managment of effective Training programs to ensure Training guidelines
  • Maintening of an effective designated Training
  • Directing informed  Relationships with trainers
  • Directing in learning by ensuring deep learning
  • Creating plus generating of annual learning requirements
  • Provision of solutions for learning needs to quick create developed learning programs
  • Evaluation of impact of training programs by mesuring results
  • Cooordinating and Development of mixed learning
  • Helping managers in writing their development plans

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  • Collage Education or similar experience
  • Experience of two to four years of experience
  • Ability to red and write English
  • Knowledge of labour laws
  • Able to manipulate computer equipments


ALl Candidates Interested should submit their application online in four Seasons Hotel website,Hit apply here to apply for the position


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