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New Job Vacancy at Barrick Bulynhulu Gold Mine in Tanzania, Job posting sites

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Barrick Bulynhulu are hiring looking for various candidates to apply to free chance at Bulynhulu. The interested candidates should follow instructions to apply for the position.

Bulynhulu is located in northernwest Tanzania in kahama province of shinyanga Tanzania 55 kilometers south of lake Victoria plus 150 km south west of Mwanza city.

POST: Mechanical Engineer

Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for all Mechanical shaft fixed assets and infrastructure
  • Main centrifugal and screw compressor plus pipe columns
  • Shaft caps, surface warehouse, load out Terminals, shaft Terminals
  • Making sure all winder and shaft related device
  • Planning and implemenatation of related projects
  • Managment of PM compliance with priorities
  • Assisting in operation managment and Development of operation plans for the year
  • Ensuring availability of spare parts needed in accordance with planned
  • Contacting the operational managment team about the Development
  • Managing work quality and perform regular inspection
  • Planning for daily and monthly work requirements and priorities
  • Supervising the Development of heavy spirit of partnership

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  • Degree in mechanical engineering or diploma in mechanical engineering
  • Engineering certificate (N6) in field of Mechanical Engineering
  • Eight years of experience in equal or significant role
  • Great skill of winders, fan of mine ventilation, pump stantions, migrants, mud turbines, diesel generators, hydraulic system, centrifugal and screw compressor
  • Five years of experience with winder, ropes, shaft load out, hats and vertical shaft maintenance


Applicants are welcomed to submit the Curriculum vitae (CV) in email provided, The CV should have your Full name and indicating Job title on email subject directing to

[email protected]

Not more than 20th June 2022

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