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Obongo is Africa’s leading producer of children’s edutainment. As a non profit social enterprise, we create fun, translated, and multiplatform educational content that helps children learn and leverage their learning to change their lives.

Obongo reaches more than 27 million children across Africa through accessible technologies such as television, radio and mobile phones. Obongo kids, Akele and I currently broadcast in 23 countries across Africa, in Swahili, English, French, Kinyarwanda, Kikuyu, Luo, Yoruba, Hausa, chichiwa and Juba Arabic.


Although we are known for our popular animated TV shows, Obongo takes an atheist approach to the platform and aims to reach children with high quality and local entertainment on whatever technology they can access. In addition to our TV and radio programs, we have a stock of digital products including 12 YouTube channels, 78 E-Books, 4 music albums, 19 apps, 2 online merchandise stores, 10 social media channels, and WhatsApp

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POST: Broadcast Manager

We are looking for broadcasting Manager to join our working team, will be responsible in cordinaticoo and expanding our broadcasting in Radio and TV

Duties and responsibilities

  • Strengthen our relationship with broadcasting pertners
  • Collaboration with broadcasting pertners in the content schedule
  • Developing our content delivery system in collaboration with the digital team
  • Being up to date to date on what’s is happening
  • Representative of ubongo content marketing
  • Innovation of streamline ways for easily accessible of our content
  • Reach to Radio plus TV helping in understanding benefit of Ubongo Kid’s

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  • Extremely organized and independent able to maintain clear documentation
  • A great leadership bulder with persionate in working with people
  • Broadcast and all digital rounder conservant
  • Flexible adaptable and patient
  • Creative
  • Ability to work in team
  • (More Questions on Application page)


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