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November 19, 2022

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Jvacee Bwawa la Mwalimu Nyerere are hiring welcoming Various Candidates Interested to apply for two positions available. The interested candidates to work with JVACEE in Construction of Bwawa la Mwalimu Nyerere should follow instructions to apply for the position.

The construction of the Julius Nyerere hydroelectric power project know as Stigler Gorge, which is being constructed in rufiji Valley. The project is espected to produce more than 2000MW

The Julius Nyerere hydroelectric power/Bwawa la Mwalimu Nyerere is being constructed in River rufiji in the Estern Tanzania

Despite of all difficult the Gorvenment approved 2018 plan of generating 2115 Megawatts and approximately 5000+Megawatts per year that will serve the country with 60M people and outside countries

This dam is Located in rufiji river in Selous game reserve which Stands as the largest game reserve in Africa, Selous is also the second largest in the area of the African Reserve size in 50,000 square kilometers and a very large number of amazing attractions.

The game reserve is four (4) times larger than the Serengeti and while in Tanzania, it is worth taking a Selous trip as it is one of the remote game reserves which means that it is less visited so you will be able to enjoy a less crowded Tanzania Safari experience if you visit this reserve.

Because of its impactful plus unparalleled elegance, Selous has so many wild animals living on its very vast continents.

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Not more than 22nd November 2022

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