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October 4, 2022

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FSD Tanzania is hiring welcoming Various Candidates Interested to apply for the position available. The interested candidates to work with FSD Tanzania should follow instructions to apply for the position

FDS Tanzania was established in 2004, as the Financial Sector Deepening Tanzania (FSDT) is a financial sector funded by donors with the goal of reducing poverty through a transformative financial sector, it provides mutual and sustainable financial solutions to improve livelihoods, wellbeing plus empowerment of Tanzania.

The work of the FSDT is dominated by the markets for working for the poor  approach, which aims to develop market systems that benefit poor people, empowering them with opportunities to improve their lives.

Currently their main target on markets are women and young people, who have been recognized as the most financially
excluding the market segments in the country.

FSDT is committed to supporting the financial sector in providing the best financial solutions that meet the financial needs of women and young people. Through FSDT empowerment the company expect to achieve the following changes in the market;

  1.  Improving policies, legal and regulatory frameworks that promote gender equality
    economic and financial opportunities for women and youth.
  2.  Improving access to key financial sector infrastructure that will enable the financial sector
    players and other stakeholders are able to meet the needs and expectations of women and
  3. Financial service providers develop and enhance creativity and financial responsiveness.
  4. Improve the confidence and ability of women and young people to demand and use financial solutions

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Not more than 16th October 2022

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