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November 21, 2022

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Tanzania Tanroads known as Tanzania National  Road Agency Authority is an agency under the ministry of construction , transport and communications  that was brought up under the section3 of the government agency act chapter 245 and letter started operating in July 2000

Tanroads  is hiring welcoming various candidates  interested  to  apply for the positions available. The interested candidates to work with Tanroads on mentioned vacancies  should  follow  instructions to apply for the position.

The agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of the highway network and regions in Tanzania Mainland highway network the mainland highway network is estimated at 86,472 kilometers in compliance with the 2007 Highway Act.

The Ministry of construction through TANROADS manages a 33,891 km national road network with a length of 12,786 km of trunk and 21,105 km of regional roads.

The Major aim of this Agency is to have a sustainable,  safe and environmentally friendly all weather   truck  and regional  roads network  to support Tanzania economic development

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Not more than 29yh November 2022

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