Primary School HeadMaster Jobs in Tanzania at Amani Primary school

October 12, 2022

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Job Description

Twelve21 Global Organization is hiring for Primary school HeadMaster to work at Amani Primary school. The interested candidates to work at Amani Primary school on the position mentioned should follow instructions to apply for the position.

POSITION: Primary school HeadMaster

The sellected Candidate will work under supervision  of Tanzania  Organization leadership and the Headmaster ensures that their school work well and efficiently to achieve our educational goals plus objectives,


  • Making sure the educational philosophical plus missions of Twelve21 Global are being met
  • Leading or Supervision og all teachers, assistant head teacher, plus other staff.
  • Coordinating of all meetings plus school staff,
    Weekly schedule for teachers and staff.
  • Potraing school image during communication with other schools, communities plus organizations.
  • Working together following of all governing laws required in the Tanzanian school systems,
  • Keeping a constant contact between teachers plus parents during Communication with pupils.
  • Working in Team with parents to ensure pupils access extended services.
  • Focusing on personnel/ individual training seminars plus faculty meetings.
  • Giving work  to teachers plus assistant headmaster,
  • Ensuring teamwork with Teachers  to maintain a curriculum for each grade level,
  • Making sure Teachers have all the needed tools for all classes


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  • Must agree with Twelve21 Global Mission, Mission, Values and faith
  • Must be mature christian having personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Bachelor degree or higher
  • Three to five years and leadership Experience
  • Able to think strategically and guide others with vision
  • Good communication skills and great personal potential
  • Able to work well with people of diffent background
  • Able to think and make changes
  • Able to solve problems and give Solutions
  • Able to maintain high level of confidentiality
  • Commitment to individual and team goals


All Candidates Interested should submit the following

  • Cover letter

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Pastoral endorsement

  • Academic Certificates(Certificate/Diploma)

Submit online below


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Not more than 28th Oct 2022

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