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October 22, 2022

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Job Description

Tembo Neckel is hiring welcoming Various Candidates Interested to apply on position mentioned of Procurement and Supply chain Manager . The interested candidates to there Vacancies should follow instructions to apply for the position.

POSITION: procument and Supply chain Manager


  1. Maintain and upkeep centralized import equipment procedures used by Nickel elephants.
  2. Develop continuous improvement of tools and systems used to estimate demand, load requirements, place orders, measure inventory.
  3. Simplify procedures for teams in warehouses and in construction sites.
  4. Provide support for field construction teams with regard to complex logistics requirements and tight schedules.
  5. Developing methods for viewing, integrating, and analyzing product cost data.
  6. Work with cross-domestic work teams including legal, financial, Procurement, Supply Chain, Engineering, and business development in order to ensure alignment on various topics.
  7. Negotiate supply and vendors annual contracts. Add beer as needed.
  8. Strengthen the procurement requirements of Nickel and load those requirements into the logistics distribution.
  9. Work with Finance, HR, community relations to develop a local content plan and a quarterly performance report.
  10. Be the primary point of contact for suppliers, providing advice on production forecasts.


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  1. Master’s degree in Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics Management or Business Administration.
  2. 15 years of work experience in Supply Chain Management in a popular organization.
  3. Negotiations with transaction systems like SAP, Pronto etc.
  4. Good analytical and judgmental skills.
  5. Good communication skills
  6. PSPTB membership is mandatory.
  7. Excellent knowledge of the rules of internal content is mandatory.


All Candidates Interested should submit their Curriculum Vitae Indicating job title on email subject

[email protected]

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Not more than 30th October 2022

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