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Security and loss Control Supervisor Job in Tanzania at Kiyosk

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Kiyosk are hiring welcoming Various Candidates interested to work as Security and loss Control Supervisor. The interested candidates to work as Kyosk as security and loss Control Supervisor should follow instructions to apply for the position.

POSITION: Security and loss Control Supervisor

The sellected candidates will be responsible for the identfying risk and safety risks of the warehouse

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying the risks and safety risks in the warehouse,
  • Managing security personnel and all loss controls in a given warehouse,
  • Performing three vehicle inspections on a weekly basis and maintaining records for one,
  • Training your team and always keep it focused and motivated on achieving set goals and more,
  • Monitoring compliance with standard operating procedures for preventing loss/risk management.
  • Providing information on the audit of the accounts of the government for each council,
  • Cooperating with law enforcement agencies to report or investigate crimes within the assigned branch,
  • Investigating internal theft known or suspected by the outside,
  • Testifying in criminal cases when the court called to management,
  • Performing park inspection to identify problem areas or procedural deficiencies,
  • Maintaining documents or reporting on events associated with preventing losses,
  • Identifying and reporting shortage of shares/shares outs to the warehouse management team,
  • Preparing and submitting written information on the investigation to control losses,
  • Performing, coverting and monitoring susceptible areas and losses, such as receiving locations,
  • Identifying and reporting security issues to maintain safe working conditions for all employees,
  • Verifying the proper performance of physical safety systems,
  • Performing third-party checks on stocks being delivered to suppliers to investigate or block any form of collusion for less receiving,
  • Maintaining fire and security team in the warehouse
  • Maintaining confidentiality of proprietary information for the company,
  • Reporting all unethical behavior in the warehouse,

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  • Diplomas in security or criminology or any other related field,
  • Two years experience in preventing losses or the security industry,
  • Leadership abilities
  • Computer skills,
  • Good physical condition, as this position may require a lot of walking and standing,
  • Detail oriented, block view and eyes
  • Team player
  • Powerful verbal and written
  • Good communication skills
  • Diagnostic and analytical skills
  • Understand safety procedures,
  • Able to respond properly to emergency situations,
  • Better manners of shame, higher integrity and pure criminal record
    Can work under limited control
  • Mental focus and oriented results
  • Keep on adorning yourself properly


All Candidates Interested Must submit their application online, Fill the online application form and Upload your CV


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