Tz Caseworker Jobs in Tanzania at CWS+, November 2022

November 24, 2022

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Website Church world service


Church World Service   is hiring welcoming  various  candidates  interested  to apply for the POSITION avilable of TZ case Worker. The interested  candidates  to work with Church World Services, Should  follow  instructions  to  APPLY for the position.

POSITION: Tz Caseworker 

This position is responsible for carrying out all U.S. refugee field processing operations (USRAP) in RSC Africa, ensuring that rsc africa processing priorities and objectives are met, that standard operating procedures are strictly followed and integrity maintained in the process.


  1. It achieves and maintains a high performance standard based on comprehensive knowledge of, and consideration, established Church
  2. World Service access to Resettlement Support Centre (CWS/RSC Africa), Department of State (DOS), US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Refugee Processing Centre (RPC) policies and procedures regarding current refugee processing eligibility criteria, databases, and file management guidelines, the role of U.S. resettlement agencies and refugee status produce the country.
  3. Travel to areas of the field as scheduled, or work away to conduct resettlement interviews with refugee applicants, gather life history information and initiate refugee claims, in a respectful and professional manner.
  4. It conducts AOR surveys and pre-examination interviews, either in person or remotely, at a minimum daily rate set by the management of the field Processing Department, in a non-responsive, objective, and respectful manner. This includes:
  5. Determine the case composition and ensure all cases of refugees are cross-referenced based on established standard operating procedures.
  6. Establish the validity of the applicant’s identity through a review of all demographic and biographical information including, but not limited to, names, nationalities, dates of birth, and locations of all immediate family members to complete the refugee case history as required.
  7. Collect all identification information including image, height, and weight.
    Write a claim for the persecution of the applicant.
  8. Analyze, evaluate, and assess the eligibility of refugee applicants for final judgment by USCIS officials.
    Prepare the case for USCIS, including reviewing the physical file and starting the database.
  9. Assist in circuit rides Adjudications, which include completing post-judgment review updating fingerprints, and preparing and distributing decision letters.
  10. Runs a quality check report to ensure complete and accurate files, as well as identifies and correct processing errors before USCIS sentences.
  11. Work with other Planning Departments as necessary to properly update the case.
  12. Assist as needed in preparation for and implementation of cycle rides. This may include but not limited to; materials required, assisting the GSO in preparation, installing files, contacting interpreters, cleaning at the end of the cycle trip, and other functions as directed by moderators.
    Completes and updates all case files and all database records.

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  1. Four years of working  experience as case worker,
  2. Housing /humanitarian  experience is added advantage
  3. Fluent in English  language  both written and spoken
  4. Second language is profitable  eg Somali, Tigirinya, French, Amharic, Kinyarwanda or Arabic
  5. Demonstrated computer skills eg Ms word, excel, outlook,  PowerPoint
  6. Strong organisation  skills.
  7. Attention to detail
  8. Degree or four years of working experience  rather tha  degree


All candidates interested  should  submit  their  application  online,  hit APPLY here to start applications  process 


Not more than 4th December 2022

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