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Videographer Job in Tanzania at Koncept

Website Koncept

Job in Tanzania

Koncept are hiring welcoming Various candidates to apply on the post of Videographer to join their working team. The interested candidates should follow instructions to apply for the position.

They are looking for temporary videographer to join their working team, The videographer will be responsible for cinematic raw footages on live sites as well as covering shoots on sets, will alsoΒ  do video footage and editing not only but setting camera lights backdrop plus other effects

Also maintaining tools in appropriate working condition plus maintening of inventory

Duties and responsibilities

  • Programing and movies live events short films plus ad shoots
  • Ensuring all cinematic materials are ready and working well
  • Guiding plus assigning task to camera Operators
  • Making editing of film footages in case of limited production
  • Understanding of details of cliants to provide good feedback and budget
  • Discussing ideas with creative team before movies
  • Cooordinating and Supporting wedding videographer and small production houses
  • Making moves in proper lighting plus Audio definition with lens choose
  • Giving of creative focus in putting captions, graphics, special effects and video labels.
  • Communicating plus negotiations with sellers for equipments
  • Doing troubleshooting minor Technical issues with camera
  • Producing good quality film from start to finish
  • Clean supply equipment accessories eg tripod
  • Maintaining and updating inventory devices
  • Provision of trains to junior videographer

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  • Skills in video editing in software eg Lumen5, ward end pro,Nero Video
  • Able to use computer well
  • Strong Communications and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of various motional picture
  • Degree or diploma in any field
  • Certificate in videography or cinema is required
  • Knowledge of various cameras eg Digital camera, proffessional grade cameras plus digital camcorders
  • Phisicaly fit
  • Knowledge of production model eg single camera set up
  • Able to work in team
  • Exellent analytical skills


All candidates with qualification mentioned please submit your CV to email below

[email protected]

Not more than 15th July 2022

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