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Jobs At T- Marc Tanzania2021


T- Marc is looking for recruiters to employ in 6non government organization (NGO) in Tanzania. T- Marc is Tanzania Organization working in social development such as improving public healthy hence implement leading to social development. They work most in behavior changing, communication initiative and in addressing potential health matter, educating about family planning and reproductive maters, sanitation and nutrition plus educating about diseases such as Maralia Hiv/Aids and Cancer.

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Since 2021 November to September American people aimed at helping Tanzania through various programs such as HIV/AIDS and TB working With ministry of health, president office in all regions and local government in all parts of the country which has led toย  high impact or achievement in improvement of youthย  and children healthy in the country.

More jobs

Through the various programs which has led to improvement of health in various regions such as Shinyanga, Morogoro, Mtwara, Lindi, njombe, Ruvuma, Dodoma,Arusha and Mara by leading to improvement of health by providing knowledge hence leading to decrease environment for HIV/AIDS and TB.

The candidate to apply for these jobs are now needed to cover T- MARC chances by applying to these different programs that are announced bellow.


Adviser – SBCc


Iringa, Njombe, Morogoro, Mtwara and Lindi.


  • The selected applicant will support the development of various SBCC approaches.
  • The selected applicant will represent meeting workshops at region and district level.
  • The selected applicant will contribute to documenting experiences and preparing reports.

Send your applications CV to this Email [email protected]




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