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Jobs Opportunity at Alliance One Tobacco Factory Morogoro Tanzania

Alliance one is an international Company that deliver value added product and services to business and customers. It located in Kingolwira Morogoro with POBox 1595.

The Alliance one headquarters is located in Morrisville, North Carolina. The Factory has contributed high in provision of Jobs to Tanzania citizens especially those surrounding Morogoro.


The Factory has employed more than 6000 workers, skilled and semiskilled labors permanent and non permanent workers. The factory announces more jobs where the local people benefits.

The jobs provided are in such simple but the workers are played high compare to other industries surrounded. The job opportunity provided are such are full-time, part time, Temporary and internship.

The job type provided by alliance one Tobacco factory are Accounting/Audit service, Administrative, Agronomy, Analyst, Audit services, Business development, corporate Communication, Customers services, Engineering, Factory, Factory administration, Human resource, industrial, Information technology, Leaf production, Leaf sales, legal, logistic management, operation project, purchasing, Quality assurance and supply chain.

Alliance One has announced various jobs a


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