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Kanye west Skinned Monkey post is Taking Headlines

Kanye West has continued to keep headlines all around. Shortly after he blew his reports about the birthday part of his younger daughter North West, and a number of relations involving her and her new partner actor Julia Fox and her story of separating from the beautiful fellow parent Kim Kardashian.

Post of Kanye West

A new one has arisen about the rapper, and this is from the U.S. Animal Rights Association ‘PETA’ that has released a statement of disgust at the rapa Kanye West to use a portrait of a sniffed monkey as a Cover for his new song collaborated with the rapa the Game.

Shortly after Kanye launched his new song “Eazy” in collaboration with the Game, the animal rights movement through its president, issued a statement condemning the two of them for using a skinned monkey in their art on charges of being unnatural.


According to Billboard President of ‘PETA’ Ingrid Newkirk, he said that” the picture reminds the monkeys that PETA has found, sometimes the heads, sometimes hands, sometimes the whole body, in the meat market around the world,”

“this makes it clear that when you remove the feathers you cannot miss out on someone inside, it’s our fellow monkeys, and not to harass them for any purposes, not laboratories, street parks, movies, or meat markets.” he said.

So far none of Kanye and The Game responded to the suspicion despite the photo’s continued presence on their social media pages as their new song ‘Eazy’announcement.

Kanye and Game have worked together, including ‘wouldn’t Get Far’ in 2006 along with’ Dreams ‘ from the first album The game he left for in 2005.

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