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Life with insurance importances

For every human being who is planing to protect family and property must use insurance in life. Insurance has played many roles in protecting  people lives. Insurance have much been used in life but most people uses Medical insurance forgetting that there other areas in life that needs much to be protected since they are much at risk.




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Insurance is now more than Health  since is used in every thing including protection of  property and financial losses


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Life with insurance

Types of insurance

There various types of insurance  in the world and these can be brought to you one by one as follows;

  1. Life insurance:This is a type of insurance that helps in protecting family in case of your Death.
  2. Health insurance: This is  type of insurance that helps during medical emergencies, helps in fixing medical bills.
  3. Home insurance: This is type of insurance that helps to protect against home losses such as fires and other natural calamities.
  4. Auto insurance: This type of insurance which is used to protect automotive such as cars, motorcycles and others.

Importance of insurance

  • The insurance helps in protecting properties.
  • Insurance helps in paying for medical emergencies.
  • The insurance helps in saving for financial losses.
  • The insurance helps in maintaining standards of living to family in case of death.
  • The insurance helps in protecting children by ensuring they meet their dream in life.

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