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Liverpool, Man city and Chelsea have five matches to win

LONDON ENGLAND. THE Premier League championship car for England this season has already dropped most of the teams and the teams that seem to have the fare to continue the trip are only three.

The first team is Manchester City with 50 points after 20 matches, then the second is Chelsea who are second with 42 points after 20 matches and the last is Chelsea who are third with 41 points after 20 matches as well.

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The championship map has already been drawn and Mwanaspoti has looked at the next five matches that these teams are hoping to play and those matches can determine who has 70 or 80 percent of the title this season because it is difficult and will give you a lot of points.

Starting with Manchester City these Guardiola youngsters look set to reach their own record of winning 18 consecutive English Premier League matches which were also set by Liverpool. Man City who have done very well in the last three matches where they have scored a total of 17 goals, their next game in the continuation of the Premier League will play against Arsenal.

This match could affect them because Arsenal in recent days have proved to be very strong and have been rolling enough doses.

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After that match the giants will have an FA Cup match against Swindon Town and then return to draw the championship map in the match against Chelsea on January 15 at the Etihad.

This match is also difficult because they will be meeting two teams vying for the title this season. But it will have two matches out of those five where one is expected to be tough when they face Southampton who have risen and have not lost three matches in a row, beating West Ham and drawing with Tottenham.

The fourth match will be against Norwich which seems to have a high percentage of relegation so they could grab a point there but unfortunately they will have it for Brentford whose first round match was a 1-0 victory for three points.

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