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Match between Kagera Sugar vs Simba Sports Club Today Football



Simba’S coach, Pablo Franco, has been shown what can tear the lion off in this transition and restore its quality to the continent’s Premier League.

Tired of the squad’s players, the quality of Yanga this season, league competition and lack of alternative techniques especially on the scrap stadiums are among the main reasons mentioned by football stakeholders as the source of the unsatisfactory level of Champions. An experienced coach, Hababuu Ally said: “it’s very reasonable, three attackers in one game have no chance of closing and while these were the candlesticks last season, the dullness of their attackers is costing them a lot.โ€


He said that Pablo should build a team so that the player who comes and enters will be better in every game and not hurt one team inahaha.


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Edo Kumwembe who is one of the spot critics said The Lion is the same, so they can turn on the line, they should calm down and fight for the points ahead of them. “I haven’t seen a problem in the Simba squad, kimetoka protecting the action of the African Federation Cup, has taken the title of the revolution for this success, how do you start saying The Lion is bad,” he said Kumwembe and added;

“Within their band, they have added a Clatous party with whom I believe he will be invaluable, but they will also know how to deal their opponents on difficult plots,โ€he said.

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