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One Dead and Five injured in Train Accident in Tanga

One child has died while five people were injured after a passenger train had an accident in the area between Mkalamo and Mvave District of Pangani in Tanga Region.

A statement issued by the head of the Tanzania Railway Relations Unit (TRC), Jamila Mbarouk said that the passenger train from Arusha to Dar es Salaam, with an engine number 9022 has received an accident at 10 am between Mkalamo and Mvave District of Pangani in Tanga Region on January 16, 2022.

Accident area

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFDA) has said that the Tanzania Football Federation (TFDA) has signed an agreement with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFDA) in Dar es Salaam on Saturday afternoon with 14 cars carrying 700 passengers with five cars overthrowing.


“When it reached the area between Mkalamo and Mvave (eg 88) 5 wagons were overthrown and another 4 dropped the way to 5 injuries where men are 3 and 2 women and the death of a 7-year-old child Hassan Lugano.

According to the report, the Tanzania National Bureau of statistics (TPDF) has been urged to provide information about the country’s economic and social welfare organisations (TPDF).

“The Railway Organization continues to closely monitor the cause of the accident in order to take action, either the organization gradually draws to the family of the deceased and prays for injured in accidents to recover early in order to continue with their activity to build a nation.”The statement said.

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