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Online Survey Jobs needs 10,000 Youth in East Africa

Many East African youth are suffering from lack of jobs that lead to hard life hence leading to early Marriage and theft.

Many companies have tried to come with various ways in order to overcome unemployment this is through introduction of various seminar to youth on importance of self employment. Through the East Africa community various agreements have been developed to meet demand of unemployment in East Africa.

The governments have developed developed various projects and programs such as introduction of Online Survey, Construction of pipe line and introduction of various mining industries to meet demand of youth unemployment.

There various Survey Jobs that have been announced that needs youths to rush for, and these are written below;



Paid online survey (Work from Home)

1000Needed people to work from home, if you have time on your hands, this is the chance to make extra Cash from home

No priority on Education or experience required there for this is time for youth to rush for the job.

You are qualified if

  • Your 18+ years
  • You have computer/Smartphone
  • You can write and read English.
  • You can answer two and more Survey a week.

More jobs


Professional mine surveyor is needed in North Mara Mine. MRM is looking to recruite surveyor.

Duties and responsibility

  1. To ensure the work is performed in a professional standards supervision and coaching surveyor.
  2. To provide strong contribution to the site safety and environment.
  3. Setting survey of engineers geotechnical and geological design with minimal supervision.


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