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Squid Game actor O yeong-Su Surprised Many after Wining of Golden Globe award

O yeong Surprised many Korean and world at large after the winning of Golden Globe  on globe award. For those who got a chance to see Squid Game season must accept this. This man made it and he was among of actors that made that season most wonderful.

O yeong surprised many since he was an old actor than all squid Game actor, in that game this man played perfect in all game in that he won all games  he could survive in all games until wen he gave up to and died on a position of helping his friend.

O Yeong Su, squad game actor

O yeong is 77 years old, can you imagine at that age this old man shined more than all stars in Korea and in Squid Game Season his efforts made him to be announced as a winner of Golden Global Award.

The Award that he won

O yeong Su victory was announced on private ceremony which was conducted online without presence of any star.

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