Ongeza nafasi ya Kupigiwa Simu, Pata CV Bora kwa garama ndogo, kuanzia 3500

Surprise From Simba Sports Club, Said by Barbara Gonzalez

Yanga fans have been crawling on the streets and online, that this season their party will carry the Mainland Premier League Championship, but The Lion bosses have responded Stylish by telling them; β€˜we have heard them, but prepare for big surprise.

Simba are the Mainland Premier League champions for four consecutive seasons and are now ranked 24 points for playing 10 matches, behind Yanga leading the 29 points from 11 games.

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Tanzania football federation (TFF) has said that the club will continue to play a role in the Soccer League.

Barbara said it is not uncommon for the early matches of nearly four seasons now, Simba has difficulty overcoming the opposition team, but as the days move things get better.

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Barbara said, as leaders and collaborators with the technical bench of the team under Pablo Franco have organized to ensure they return to the league with fire, but also achieve their goals for this season in the International Championship.

Lions are the only representatives of Tanzania at the stage of Federation Cup groups Organized Group D

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