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Tamisemi list of Officials Who have Aquired Work places transfer Permit- January 2022

TAMISEMI – President Regional Office have officially announced names of Workers that have finally got transfer from their former work places to new work Areas.

President Office secretary have finally approved the transfer of 1,544 Staff who applied to change work places in local government authorities. Through their confirmation Prof. Shemdoe said that the president office continues to work on other transfers to exchange of staff work places that began since January 2022 up to date January 2022 and the process continues, there fore people should keep patient waiting while process continues.


Read on Online Teachers Application System (OTEAS)

They have advised that, for those who submitted their PMO- RALG transfer application in 2018 up to 2021 to repeat application, and areas of application will be allocated soon.


Note: All application transfers should should comply with all transfer process as stated in Circular No2 of 2018.

For those whose names have been announced should wait for the letters but not to come to PMO-RALG Office.

If you have any problem, direct contact their help desk on customer service phone

+255735-160210, 25562-160210

Or write to [email protected]

Bellow is PDF with names of those acquired permit to change work places.



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