Ongeza nafasi ya Kupigiwa Simu, Pata CV Bora kwa garama ndogo, kuanzia 3500

Why Car Insurance Very Important

Having a car is more important today from many people, today every one needs a car and it is every one dream owning dream car among their choices. Yo day cars are very many characterized in two groups depending on their consumption, high fuel consuming and less fuel consuming.

Protection from Auto insurance

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Most people prefer using of less consuming cars from various companies such as Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan and among others, For example Vitz, Passo, Tarious kid and Cami. These are less consuming cars liked in Africa.


Having car must have insurance for safety of the car that maybe as a result of accident, losses and other problems. Insurance stands for such problems. Many insurance companies have introduced their services hence making cheap for automotive owners to access insurance for their vehicles.

Insurance covers accidents


If you own a car automatically you must have insurance which helps in protection against losses when involved in accidents.

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